Faking Friends by Jane Fallon

Revenge is best served funny.

Faking Friends by Jane Fallon

Genres: Fiction
Published: 11th January, 2018
Series: N/A
Rating: 3.5

Amy thought she knew everything there was to know about her best friend Melissa. Then again, Amy also thought she was on the verge of the wedding of her dreams to her long-distance fiancé.
Until she pays a surprise trip home to London. Jack is out, but it’s clear another woman has been making herself at home in their flat.
There’s something about her stuff that feels oddly familiar . . . and then it hits Amy. The Other Woman is Melissa.
Amy has lost her home, her fiancé and her best friend in one disastrous weekend – but instead of falling apart, she’s determined to get her own back.
Piecing her life back together won’t be half as fun as dismantling theirs, after all.

Well, guys, this book was a weird experience for me. On one hand it was a great revenge story. Nothing too dark, nothing too brutal, but twisty enough to actually keep me on my toes. On the other hand, reading this felt like having an identity crisis.

You see, Amy is a 40-year-old woman who works as an actress, and after losing her job, finds herself being cheated on by her fiancé and betrayed by her best friend (some friends, eh?), and then goes on a mission best suited for someone who just turned 20. Or so I thought. But then again, I’m not sure I behave like a 35-year-old either. I certainly don’t feel like one. She kept having these throw-back thoughts to her uni years, and I must say, neither her general behaviour, nor the way she sounded changed much in two decades. Now, I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but it’s definitely confusing.

I had to come to the conclusion, what bothered me the most came down to my own expectations. I’m not much younger than Amy, and seeing her go through all this shit just worried me more than it should. I’m not her, after all! Her not having a stable home, or in fact a stable income doesn’t mean I will end up like her too! But it’s been a secret fear of mine for a long time, and it’s actually funny how a silly book made me confront my own worries.imfine

If you can get over all this, what you are left with is a thoroughly entertaining story of a woman who puts her life back together from scratch, at an age when most people would more or less have everything settled and figured out. Don’t be fooled by it being categorized as romance. Yes, there’s some flirtation and dating, but that’s almost besides the point. It’s not cheesy or tacky, and it just happens quite naturally.

Faking Friends is about mustering up the courage to start over, the power of friendship, and finding strength within ourselves. Jane Fallon’s writing style is witty, simple, but with a feisty kick to it.


What about you, guys? Ever taken revenge on a cheating ex? How did it go?


  1. I can certainly relate to not feeling like a 35 year old, but my days of college partying have definitely (thankfully) passed. Based on what you described, I can see why you had an identity crisis and I am sorry that the actions didn’t line up. Grief and betrayal certainly do something to people, and I suppose some people – regardless of age – will react to this kind of life-shattering betrayal in surprising ways to you or I. great review… I don’t know that I will read this one

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  2. This sounds like a Sunday afternoon read, by the fire, on a rainy day kind of book. Okay to pass the time with but nothing exceptional. And def no point wasting time and energy on revenge, life’s too short especially over some flakey guy.

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    1. Oh, yes, it’s defo the “light entertainment” category. Read another book of hers, that was about revenge too. I’m sensing a theme 😀
      I’m also not really a villainous mastermind, couldn’t ever be bothered to do anything to anyone.

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      1. Nothing wrong with a light read, now and then. And maybe the author knows something about revenge? 😉

        Not that I would, like you, I couldn’t be bothered.


  3. I’m extremely close to 40 and have nothing figured out yet… but I wholeheartedly embrace spontaneity and the right to change my mind. 😂😂😂🙈

    I know that feeling though when a book really gets to me… when it plays at something I’m feeling torn about or exploits some of my fears.. And losing my income / certain stability does scare me for sure as well! ❤️

    I don’t do revenge. Too much energy invested into something that could be spend on much better things I reckon. 😉


  4. Lol. I love the concept that a twisty book could be funny. It just seems like a contradiction, almost. 😛 But yeah. I’ve had books that have given me an existential crisis when it shouldn’t have (but, to be fair, almost anything can shove me into the “existential crisis” zone). It’s funny, how that works. And it sucks. 🤣

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  5. I think I would love this, although in reading the blurb I thought the girl was definitely in her 20s not her 40s, but maybe the authors aim was to suggest it is OK to freak out even when you’re in your 40s? I’m pushing 50 and there are days I feel 50 and days I feel 20, so who knows?

    Colleen Hoover’s “It Ends With Us” made me confront a lot of things, that book broke me for a few days💜

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    1. Yea, it’s one of those light entertainment kind of books. For me anyway 🙂
      I read another one of the revengey books, My Sweet Revenge. I found that way more engaging and the character was less confusing.

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  6. The identity crisis bit is interesting. I’m 34 and would like to think that I act my age. I can’t see myself going on an ex revenge mission though I never did one of those even in my 20s. The wholething sounds like something someone way younger would do. Glad that this was an okay read in the end though.


  7. I don’t know if I’d actually take revenge but if history is anything to go on I’d spend a ton of time thinking up massively intricate plans for doing so! Sounds like a fun book though 🙂


    1. Yeah, defo!
      I realize we see thing through our own filter, so this kind of stuff might not be a worry to others, but yes, it was a strange experience. 😀


  8. Well, now… whilst I thoroughly enjoy a good revenge story I think I’d be slightly freaked by the identity crisis too… I often look and laugh at those memes that go something like- ‘All my friendd are getting married, having kids and buying homes, and I’m here like- watching Netflix’ or something 😀 hahaha… It’s super easy to feel out of place though, especially in modern times as everyone flashes their success in everyone’s face… anyway! 😀 The book sounds interesting 🙂 I actually quite like the cover- there’s something very pleasing about the colours and design – not at all revengy like the pages deliver 😀

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    1. It really is such a cute cover! Nothing revenge-y about it 😀

      I find it hard sometimes not to compare myself to others. Even tho both my best friends are single, and not really into the whole marriage thing, i still kinda feel i’m missing out on something.

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  9. Uuhm… That one does sound kind of weird. I haven´t read this one but I think I´d have a major problem with the fact that Amy hasn´t changed much in 2 decades. Surely, no one acts and thinks the same as they have in their 20´s? I wouldn´t like myself if I´d still have the same mindset as I did almost 20 years ago ( but then again, I wouldn´t notice the difference. lol ) The revenge bit has me interested but I think I´ll take your word for it and maybe skip this one. great review!

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      1. Exactly. 😉 Me either. But this is a problem with many books. I’ve read so many that have characters who act like they’re 30+ when they’re still in high school and the other way around. It’s unfitting.

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