About Norrie

Book lover, cat hugger, coffee drinker, wiseass, capable of eating half a cheesecake in one sitting. Best not to approach before she had her breakfast.

Loves a good thriller, but would probably not touch romance with a stick. Based on the amount of crime fiction she’s read, could probably solve a crime. Or not, but she would certainly try. Loves science fiction and secretly dreams about joining the Starfleet since she was fourteen.

Hates ignorance and anything with coriander. Doesn’t operate well below 25 degree Celsius.




  1. Love this! I´m with you on the ” Based on the crime fiction you´ve read you could solve one yourself.” I´m not that big on crime fiction but I was a full blown CSI enthusiast. I can´t find my kids shoes most of the time but I can call out criminal within 5 minutes. Lol. Coriander isn´t my thing either. Bla. Ignorance…. I can´t go there or I´ll end up writing a 10.000 word review about ignorance. ❤

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        1. I watched the original, New York, and Miami. Loved the characters the most in the original but the Miami setting was so pretty! I used to watch it on telly, so i don’t even know what seasons I’ve seen. It was one episode per week.🙈


  2. I’m Gryffin, an intern at Chandra Press. We’re an independent science fiction publisher. Currently we have released 4 titles on Amazon, with more on the way. I saw you enjoy reading science fiction, would you be interested in reading and reviewing one of our titles?
    You can check out our website at Chandrapress.com
    I look forward to hearing from you!

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    1. Hi there 🙂 Thank you for asking.
      For the time being i don’t accept review copies but will be sure to check out your titles if this changes 🙂


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