Scandal, Lies and Tattoos – What I Thought #1

You know how it is. Sometimes you read a book, you like a book, and yet don’t have all that much to say about it. It happens. But you still want to talk about them. I don’t think there’s a wrong or right way to review a book. If you are familiar with my full reviews, you know sometimes they are quite random. “What I Thought” is a new series on the blog that will feature books I read and enjoyed, but for whatever reason I don’t feel like talking about at length. Maybe I liked one aspect, but on the whole it was a flop, or it touched on subjects that upset me and at this moment don’t feel like debating. We’ll see.3

So let’s see the first three books I’ve read recently, and what I thought about them.

tattoothiefThe Tattoo Thief by Alison Belsham

Genres: Mystery, Crime
Published: 3rd March, 2018
Series: N/A
Rating: 3.5

Someone is stealing tattoos off dead people in Brighton. When Detective Inspector Francis Sullivan starts sniffing around, tattoo artist Marni Mulligan finds herself involved in a tattoo expert capacity. She doesn’t trust the police and wants nothing to do with the investigation, but at the same time finds herself drawn to Francis, whom she calls Frank, just to annoy him.

Alison Belsham’s story is quite an intricate mystery, and the whole tatto angle is pretty fascinating. I learned a lot about different techniques and styles, which I found quite interesting.

Francis Sullivan is the youngest DI at age 29. Disliked by his team, this gangly ginger dude is not quite convinced he deserved the promotion. Great start, isn’t it? He comes across sort of clumsy and weird, which made me question his promotion too, if I may say so. His boss, DCI Bradshaw is totally unprofessional, swears like a motherfucking sailor and calls Francis “boy” and calls him an idiot in front of colleagues. Other colleagues spent most of their time spying and snitching on each other. This behaviour was carried throughout the whole story, which, frankly sort of distracted me from the mystery on hand.

Let’s just hope the actual police is not a bunch of scheming wankers like these ones, otherwise we are all doomed.3

ourlittleliesOur Little Lies by Sue Watson

Genres: Domestic Thriller
Published: 11th October, 2018
Series: N/A
Rating: 5

Once I finished this one I felt like a wrung out dishcloth. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted and just wanted to flop down on the sofa and feel sorry for myself.

Marianne is living the sort of life other women envy. Her sexy surgeon husband, Simon is a proper dream dude. You know, flowers, holidays, amazing house, and so on.

But you see, Marianne doesn’t have many friends. And that’s exactly how Simon likes it. When he mentions the name of another woman, Caroline, Marianne gets suspicious. Is Simon having an affair? Marianne starts digging and as she uncovers more information, she slowly becomes obsessed with Caroline. But what is real? She can’t even remember what she did the previous afternoon because of the medications she takes for her manic depression.

Our Little Lies is such a sad and heartbreaking story. It’s so easy to label someone weak, but if you’ve never been in a situation where you felt scared of the person you are supposed to trust the most, you probably don’t know half of it.

Some passages of this book were describing things that actually happened to me, and I felt sick to my stomach. But I just wish it was more out in the open and people would start talking about it more.5

anatomyofascandalAnatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan

Genres: Crime, Mystery, Legal
Published: 23rd January, 2018
Series: N/A
Rating: 3

James, a handsome and charismatic junior MP is accused of raping a woman. Kate, the barrister prosecuting the case knows just how hard to prove such cases. Sophie, the wife just wants to hold her family together and wants nothing to do with such scandal.

I love a good legal drama like the other guy; the courtroom arguments, the evidence, the testimonies are all pretty intriguing. Still, somehow this book managed to be somewhat repetitive and boring. A cross examination that might work on screen doesn’t necessarily work in a book when you have to slog through pages and pages of the same thing.

I loved the psychological aspect and seeing events unfold from Sophie’s perspective. Kate was a great narrator too, but the flashbacks to Holly in 1993 felt excessive. At nearly 400 pages this book was just simply too long for me. I felt like a lot of tension was lost because of the over-explaining nature of the writing.3

Have you read any of these? What did you think?



  1. I have Our Little Lies on my Kindle… I need to read to see what I think about it!
    Great post, Norrie, I totally enjoyed your mini reviews!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚
      I think that book is a good fit for those who like contemporary, or domestic drama, etc. Wasn’t really focusing on the crime/thriller aspect, it was just something that happened in the background.

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  2. I like this idea of mini reviews and can relate to what you said about not having much to say about a book. I still remember reading Our Little Lies and yes, it was so heartbreaking.
    The Tattoo Thief sounds promising and I love the idea of having such a young lead detective. Unfortunately, that police station sounds too immature for my liking. Sad they distracted you from the mysteries.
    Great reviews, Norrie!

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  3. Oh, I like the idea of doing these kind of collective mini reviews for books that were just okay, or too emotional to talk about at length. And sometimes, it’s hard to summarize a book without giving the entire plot away, so a review becomes difficult. What better way to share our thoughts than to offer up our thoughts, which, after all, is basically what a review is, isn’t it? lol!

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    1. Pretty much! πŸ˜€
      Considering how many books i read from the same genre, it just sometimes feel tedious to do a long review, cuz Book A was like Book B … basically…

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      1. Yeah, one book starts to sound just like the last one, sometimes. And after reading a few duds of late, it’s difficult to trawl up the enthusiasm sometimes to do an in-depth review. Sometimes I just want to be, well, flippant, right? πŸ˜€

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      1. Haha πŸ˜€
        I think you’d like it. It’s focusing more on the main character & the domestic drama / relationship with husband, etc. Not so much a thriller.


  4. I totally get you! Some of my favourite books happen to be books I also don’t have a lot to talk about – mainly, I just want to start the sequel and not waste time reviewing them xD But I also don’t feel like talking at length about shitty books haha 😑
    Great feature, Norrie!

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  5. I used to do mini-reviews then just stopped for some reason, but I did them for the same reason, Norrie. I read so many books that I just don’t have a lot to say about some of them-or honestly the time if I’m reading 20-30 books a month, and the thoughts of fully reviewing that many a month freaks me out! Great idea and I need to start doing them again!

    I’ve only read Anatomy of a Scandal, and I agree it was too long. I enjoyed the courtroom scenes a lot since I love that kind of stuff. The flashbacks were great too and I loved Sophie. I think it could have used some editing. You could definitely tell the author used to be an attorney though because of all the legal aspects.

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  6. I read `Our Little Lies` and I have to say – What a remarkable read. Really gripping and touching. I havenΒ΄t read the others but `The Tattoo Thief` sounds a lot like something IΒ΄ve seen on TV the other day. ❀

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