Glued to the Pages – 5 Unputdownable Books

It’s always nice to find a book that sucks you in from the first page. Entertaining, immersive, exciting, you just want to know what happens next. Unputdownable, we can say.

The only drawback of such books is that often life gets in the way. I can’t help but get annoyed when I’m at a particularly juicy part in the story, and I have to stop, ‘cuz you know, someone’s gotta work. (Yeah, that someone’s usually me in these cases.)

Now, you can’t always know what book will turn into one of those page turners that will transform you into Snappy McSnapperson if you have to part with it.inamood.gif

But I can warn you! If you like the sort of books I do, these five books will pose serious dangers to your otherwise (hopefully) calm demeanor.

The Retreat by Mark Edwards

Of course, I could list any other books by this author, this one just happens to be my latest fave. It has everything I look for in a suspense book. A bit of mystery, a tranquil, yet creepy writer’s retreat in a creaking, old house, disappearing people, voices coming from the walls. What more could you possibly want?

The Other Couple by Sarah J. Naughton

A beautiful, exotic island, perfect for a romantic honeymoon. But what if only half of the couple returns? But not only that. She has amnesia, and doesn’t remember what happened to her husband. Suspicious much? Oh, and guess what. Nobody in his family likes her?!

You Were Made For This by Michelle Sacks

Frenemies are having it out in a secluded house in the beautiful Swedish countryside. One a perfect wife & mother, the other… well, depends who you are asking I suppose. I absolutely loved the subtly creeping dread in this one!

The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor

A chilling mystery that has its roots in 1986, five friends and some serious Stephen King vibes. Set in an unassuming small town, the story follows the friends as they investigate the mysterious chalk man drawings around town, only to stumble upon a gruesome murder. The Chalk Man was among my favourite books last year.

Niceville by Carsten Stroud

This book is the first in a trilogy, and it’s just the right amount of supernatural sprinkled over some mystery to make it very atmospheric and highly addictive Southern Gothic with a careful touch of horror. Add to this some cool ass character names like Rainy Teague, Boonie Hackendorff and Charlie Danziger, a bank robbery, and a disappearance that will have detectives chasing clues from hundred years ago, and you get just the right amount of eerie feeling that lingers around Niceville.

You have been warned!

Disclaimer: Norrie, a.k.a. the blogger under the blankie does not take any responsibility for missed work, skipped dinner, and sleepless nights. Read responsibly!

How about you guys? Read anything lately you couldn’t put down?

Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shanah @Bionic Bookworm


  1. Fab list! I loved You Were Made For This too, it was so good! I have The Other Couple and The Chalk Man on my TBR so will try and get to them over the summer. I love when a book just grabs you from the first page and you can just get completely lost in the story.

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    1. I remember i thought there was some unfinished stuff in Chalk Man, even mentioned it in my review at the time, but now i can’t remember what it was πŸ˜€


  2. I think I have seen most of them on your blog Norrie! And yes it’s so annoying when you get to the “juicy part” and have to stop reading LOL

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  3. Argggh! Five knock out titles, a couple of which I’ve already got on my wish list, including reading Mark Edwards. And Niceville sounds interesting, I mean southern Gothic? Oh yeah.

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        1. Oh, interesting. My friend bought all his books as paperback. Maybe they only available on UK Amazon? I’m not sure. Only the latest (novella) i know of came out only as e-book.

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  4. So true! I can’t stand it when life gets in the way of good reading. It’s just as bad as someone coming up to you while you’re reading and constantly distracting you from your book. It’s like, “HEY! Me and this book were here first. Get outta here!” lol

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      1. Oh, no!! lol I would have been instantly annoyed. It’s sad how many people look at a person who is reading and thinks to themselves “Oh, a book! That poor person must be lonely if they’re bothering with that silly old thing. I better go and save them from their reading by talking to them.” πŸ˜›

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  5. The last book I couldn’t put down was one you recommended & I totally was snappy when I had to for life reasons LOL. The Other Couple & You Were Made For This are going on my TBR right now! Thanks for your recs, Norrie. β™‘

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