Kill Me Again by Rachel Abbott


killmeagainKill Me Again by Rachel Abbott

Genres: Crime, Mystery
Published: 17th February, 2016
Series: DCI Tom Douglas #5
Rating: 5

When Maggie Taylor accepts a new job in Manchester, she is sure it is the right move for her family. The children have settled well although her husband, Duncan, doesn’t appear to be so convinced.
But nothing prepares her for the shock of coming home from work one night to find that Duncan has disappeared, leaving their young children alone. His phone is dead, and she has no idea where he has gone, or why. And then she discovers she’s not the only one looking for him.
When a woman who looks just like Maggie is brutally murdered and DCI Tom Douglas is brought in to investigate, Maggie realises how little she knows about Duncan’s past. Is he the man she loves? Who is he running from?
She doesn’t have long to decide whether to trust him or betray him. Because one thing has been made clear to Maggie – another woman will die soon, and it might be her.

Kill Me Again is exactly the sort of story I’m looking for when I have cravings for an entertaining detective story. It has everything: family drama, secrets, lies, devious suspects, revengey stuff, and competent police officers who work around the clock to catch the killer.

So, please don’t mind me while I wax lyrical about DCI Tom Douglas, but I can’t help it. He’s one of my favourite detectives, an all around lovely dude who is not only a diligent detective, but a decent human being I find very inspiring. The fact that he’s not real is almost beside the point. I’m pretty sure there are many people like him, and they deserve our attention.

DCI Douglas and his partner in crime-hunt, Becky, have a pretty gruesome case on their hand. Women who look alike keep turning up dead, and the killer’s modus operandi bears a striking resemblance to a case Tom worked on twelve years ago. The clock is ticking, and people in possession of crucial information are too afraid to come forward. When Tom’s ex goes missing, it becomes all too personal for him.

Becky is the perfect partner for Tom. She’s young and enthusiastic and her occasional recklessness is perfectly balanced by DCI Douglas’ careful and methodical approach. She swoons about him every now and then, but so what? Who wouldn’t? Even I do!

I absolutely loved how Rachel Abbott kept dropping little hints from the beginning, and the mix of fast paced action scenes and all the delicious drama was crafted into a captivating, thoroughly addictive story with loveable detectives and a fascinating tangle of lies and deception.5

P.S. Someone please, please make a TV series of these books with Gerald Butler as DCI Douglas. Thank you.geraldbutler


  1. OK you are coming with the big guns here Norrie! Even I (the non crime/thriller reader) have heard of Rachel Abbott (probably thanks to your blog and maybe Alexandra’s). And I don’t mind you waxing lyrical because I am the first one to write overenthusiastic reviews when I loved a book!

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  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, it does sound like a great detective book I could completely see myself getting lost into (in the best possible way). PS if someone up there listens and a tv series is made.. and does feature Butler, I’m definitely watching it! 😂😂😂👍

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  3. OOo, swoon, in deed. Sound like this one has the perfect ingredients, and the strikes the right balance, and more… likeable characters. Or at least, not damaged by their past history in some way. That’s got to be, eh, novel! But don’t mind me, I’m adding this one to my little blue book, to buy! 😀

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    1. Indeed! So many psychologically damaged detective characters are thrown around. Kinda makes me wonder how those are still in employment and not forced to go to therapy 😀

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  4. Love the sound of this one and now I want to meet DI Douglas. Thanks for putting this one of my radar, definitely sounds like a series that I’d also enjoy. Fab review.

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  5. Ooo I love that plot of similar looking women coming up dead. I know, creepy but it sounds interesting lol. Would I need to read the other books in the series for it to all make sense?

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    1. The murder case itself is started / finished within the book.

      There are little bits, that i think are important which are enhanced if you have read the previous books. Like they talk about certain people from earlier books. There’s some explanation who they are / why they are important tho, so maybe not necessary to read the other books, but i think they are worth it, cuz it’s such a cool series ❤

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      1. Ah I know what you mean! That’s why I prefer reading every book in a series because even if they all make sense on their own, they’re all better when put together.


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