The Guilty Party by Mel McGrath

Do you enjoy hating on the characters you are reading about, secretly hoping they will fail? Well, look no further, because this book was written for you!

guiltypartyThe Guilty Party by Mel McGrath

Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Published: 7th March, 2019 (expected)
Series: N/A
Rating: 4

On a night out, four friends witness a stranger in trouble. They decide to do nothing to help.
Later, a body washes up on the banks of the Thames – and the group realizes that ignoring the woman has left blood on their hands.
But why did each of them refuse to step in? Why did none of them want to be noticed that night? Who is really responsible?
And is it possible that the victim was not really a stranger at all?


Reading this book was like watching those TV series that have every episode end with a nail biting cliffhanger. I could not stop reading! The more I read, the more questions I had.

Cassie, Bo, Anna and Dex have known each other since uni, and always considered themselves close friends, even though frenemies would be a way better term to describe the dynamics between these four wankers. Their relationship is nothing short of complicated and somewhat inbred, and oh boy, it was delicious.

The story moves back and forth between “the night of the terrible thing” in August, and the weekend at the end of September when the four friends are confronted with the consequences of what they’ve actually done. Or hadn’t done.

“And when I am done with the story, when everything has been explained and the secrets are finally out, I will ask you what would you have done. Because that’s what I really want to know. What would you have done?”

“Are you sure?”

Great question, but the answer is quite simple, really. As long as you are not a complete tosser like our dear Cassie, Bo, Dex and Anna, that is.

If you don’t like reading stories about unlikeable characters, this will certainly not appeal to you, because all four of these jerks deserved a good slapping for various reasons.DBs7

Mind you, nobody will ever accuse this book for being high literature, but I personally am an absolute sucker for stories like this, so please don’t mind me while I cackle here like a maniac, rubbing my hands surreptitiously. 4

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley, but the opinions are my own.


  1. Oh, I do tend to enjoy a thriller that involves unlikeable characters where more and more secrets are discovered so I reckon I’ll probably enjoy this one. This was another wonderfully witty review, as always!

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  2. Oooh! This is such an interesting concept! I love a story about a group of arseholes – I really do, haha. There is something distinctly delicious about reading characters you are under no obligation to like or sympathise with. That plus nail-biting narrative sounds like everything I need right now!

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    1. I know, right? I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for this – why we like these kind of stories. Could be that we feel better about ourselves? Like, you know, maybe i’m not always so nice, but surely not as bad as this bunch πŸ˜€

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  3. If the author is intentionally writing about sh*t characters because that’s the story, and the plot’s all about what ifs, then sure, I will read it too, in the hope the tossers involved get their just desserts.

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    1. I was just thinking about this based on a previous comment. Why i like these type of stories so much. Cuz i wouldn’t like people in real life who are like this. But i guess it’s to do with them getting in all sorts of trouble, so maybe some sort of justice? Haha.

      But i can understand why you and many other readers would rather read about pleasant people ❀


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