Sunshine In February

Howdy! Hope everyone’s doing great.
The Lovely Hannah has cast a lil’ ray of sunshine over here, and I’m thrilled to answer her questions.TRIBAL_LINE_17

#1 What is your current read?

The Last Act of Hattie Hoffman by Mindy Mejia.

Isn’t this cover absolutely gorgeous?


#2 How many books have you read this year so far?


Not as many as I wanted to! 16 so far.

#3 What’s your favourite read of 2018?

*sigh* Only one? I had picked ten, because this is not the Highlander where there can be only one.

#4 What’s your most anticipated read of 2019?

The Institute by Stephen King. Ok, seriously, who is surprised?
It’s coming in September, guys!

I don’t think this is the final cover…

#5 Do you read with music or read silently?

I can do some background music, sure. Not death metal though, that would be a tad distracting. I usually read in silence, or just listen to rain sounds to drown out noises in the background.

#6 Long books or short books?

Well, I guess it depends. Is it terribly written? Does it have a shitty plot? Because when it comes to those atrocities, even two pages would be too long. On the other hand, if it’s some good shit, we can go on ’til we are done, no matter how long that takes.

#7 What’s your favourite spot to read?

Anything comfy will do. The bed is usually the best. The sofa sounds like a good spot, but you surely haven’t sat on my one yet, cuz it’s anything but…

#8 What’s your favourite type of cake?



#9 Do you pronounce scones as ‘skuns’ or ‘scowns’?

Neither? I say it like ‘cone’ but with an S.

#10 Favourite mythical creature?

Oh, I don’t know… Unicorns are cool, I supposeacbc4fd8538c5bb25632bd020d2e85a0--unicorns-gif

#11 What would be your dream job?

Ok, apart from the obvious, where I get to do whatever the fuck I want all day and still get paid? My friends and I have have this dream that one day we will own a place that is bakery but also a cafe and a bookshop, somewhere on a beach, maybe in Cornwall. It would have a lovely garden with fairy lights, and during summer people would come there to eat, drink, read, and do yoga and meditate. Too much?

Considering my other half would love to move to Greece one day, I could also totally see myself as a skipper, taking tourists on romantic boat trips to watch the sunset.

Well, that’s it! Let’s see if Kelly, Alexandra, Inge, Bookstooge, Kaleena & Morgana are up for a bit of interrogation!

#1 Do you believe in ghosts?
#2 Have you ever sneaked out of the house to go to a party in your wild teen years?
#3 What’s your take on flowery food? (Lavender biscuits, wild flowers in salads, and so on). Yey or nay?
#4 What’s a book that you thought was kind of trashy but you still enjoyed?
#5 Imagine it’s time for a cookie. Do you dip it in milk, sip coffee with it, or munch on it in its dry glory?
#6 Would you say you are a morning person?
#7 Winter sports. Yey or nay?
#8 Has it ever happened that you liked a film or series adaptation of a book? If so, which book was it?
#9 Do you find house chores (cleaning, dish-washing, etc.) relaxing, or necessary evil?
#10 Do you chill in your pjs all day when you don’t need to leave the house?
#11 What was the last book that knocked your socks off?83


  1. ScOnes for the win! I had no idea there was even any other way to pronounce it. For phracks sake, use the rules of english grammar people! Ahem, anyway….

    Didn’t King just come out with a super huge brick last year? Sometimes I think that Brandon Sanderson shouldn’t get all the flack/glory (depending on what you think of his writing) for writing such big books so often. King really has him beat in that department hands down!

    I’ll save your questions for another day, as I’ve already done a tag this month and I “think” I’ve got one lined up for march. I’ll link you when I do it though 😀

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    1. Yes, Outsider was last May. It’s around 500 pages, so not as long as some of his old stuff. But they never seem so long when i read them 😁
      Never read Sanderson’s long stuff, but if i enjoy the book, i don’t mind it being long

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  2. Cheesecake IS the superior cake! In my country, we only have the cooled-down kind (the one that goes in the fridge). But in the summer I am flying to my friends’ house and she has already promised me to make the baked cheesecake popular where she lives. Is it bad if cheesecake drives my travel plans? 😅 Also, make cheesecake for your future bakery/cafe/bookshop and I’ll be your number one client!


    1. Oh, i love the fridge cheesecake too! My mum used to make that. Even skipped the biscuit base 🙈
      If I’ll have the bakery, there will defo be cheesecake of all kind! 😍
      I must admit, i always try cheesecake on holidays 😂

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  3. Oh, I didn’t know there was a new Mejia book, or this one may have a different title than the US? Hope you enjoy it! I LOVE cheesecake the best too and I love your ideas for jobs. Like really. A skipper in Greece for me, too, as well as the bookshop in Cornwall!


    1. It’s also called Everything You Want Me To Be. I’m halfway done w it and it’s really good so far!
      I do hope one of my dreams will come true one day… cheesecake eating skipper for the win!

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  4. 16 books already, that is very impressive!! Cheesecake isn’t really on trend here but I think I’d like it, it’s much lighter than other cakes, right?! I baked a cake just the other day, a frangipane cake with pear and everybody liked it. I only do supersimple recipes once or twice a year and this was definitely one to make again. Thanks for tagging me Norrie, I’m not sure I won’t bore anyone with the answers but I’ll try to answer them (the questions are great though, it’s just me ;-)). Loved reading your answers again!!

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    1. I don’t bake very often either.
      Made some cheesecake tho recently.
      There’s a lightish version, my mum used to make it. It’s made with quark instead of mascarpone and has no biscuit base.
      The last one made was with oreos. That had quite a lot of calories but was really yumm.

      Your cake w pear sounds awesome. I love fruity cakes too ❤️

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  5. Thank you for answering my questions! Great answers, although I have to admit I don’t like cheesecake! At least not New York cheesecake! Your dream of owning a bakery with your friend is so cool! Do you bake a lot? I would love to open a bookshop with my friends too haha, that would be so fun

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  6. Thank you so much for the tag, and I look forward to answering your questions. I also pronounce scones like s+cones… I am very confused right now??? I laughed at the Highlander reference, bless you and your sense of humor. I love long books that are written well (and I would prefer a long standalone to a bunch of fluffy books in a series), but I will admit that when I am choosing books to read from my list the page count definitely plays a factor in what I pick up. Great post!

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    1. You are actually onto something with the page count. During the week i prefer max 400 page books. Usually save the long ones for when I’m on holiday. 😁


  7. You stole my dream job! Seriously! And add a spot for kids with a babysitter reading to let the moms reading and eating cake 😉

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    1. Haha, of course!
      I remember this restaurant in South Africa. They had a whole kids room with toys and video games and climbing stuff. I was totally impressed cuz I’ve never seen anything like that around here


  8. 16 books already? Damn, gurl. Is someone chasing you? Lol. Hubby and I are waiting for the next King as well. It feels like we´re waiting for the ultimate deluxe cheese cake. Speaking of- YOU MY GIRL! Cheese cake buddies. Do people really mispronounce scone? I´m confused. This sounds a lot like the american pronunciation of creek. Is it creek or crick? Pfft, might as well just say tributary. Lol. I´d really like to meet someone who listens to death metal when they read. Sounds like an adventure. HAHAHA. And your cafe & book shop idea- you should do that one day. I think once you reached that goal you truly win at life. 🙂 Love your answers ❤

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    1. ❤️
      No social life… that’s the trick! 😂 I was too cold to go anywhere…
      The scone debacle must be some US vs UK thing i think?! I don’t know, haha. One time i was told off for pronouncing “advertisement” in the US way. The horror!


  9. Ha! Ha! Skuns, what the hell are skuns? Everyone knows they’re scones! Right? 😀 And yeah to Unicorns and cheesecake … or unicorns eating cheesecake.

    What, oh, you nominate me? Righto, better get cracking then.

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  10. Mmm! Cheesecake! Now I want Cheesecake. Who pronounces Scones like anything but Cone with an s? I feel like Stephen King is always so hit or miss. I’ve read some of his less popular ones and they’re just… Meh? What is your goal for 2019?


    1. After looking into the scone debate, turns out in the UK it’s pornounced similarly to “con”… i’ve been doing it all wrong apparently 😀


  11. Cheesecake all the way! Reminds me I need to make one soon…do you like it plain or with a particular topping? And do you have anything like the Cheesecake Factory where you live? Because I thought I’d be a plain cheesecake girl forever, until I saw their cheesecake menu. Ugh. Now I’m over here salivating for cheesecake…


  12. Yeah that bakery joint sounds pretty awesome. 🙂 Especially if it’s a bookstore too.

    I do like a little background music or nature sounds sometimes when I read… but it can’t be too distracting!

    Fun post!

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    1. Thank you! 😀
      I went to a cafe once that was also a book shop, although not a bakery and it was so cool! I figured we need more of those. Even their coffee menu was like a little magazine 🙂


  13. Aww thanks so much for the tag, Norrie! ❤️

    I pronounce it like sCONE as well. Tbh, I don’t recall ever hearing it pronounced any other way, but who knows! Haha!

    The bed is the absolute best place to read, and I’m not too sure I’d be able to focus while having death metal playing in the background either. Then again, I can drown out the sounds of my siblings’ bickering, so perhaps I could? This sounds like something I need to test! 🙃

    Also, cheesecake for the win!! 😍

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  14. Hahaha I always love reading your answers to these tag. You had me cracking up by #3. 😂 I am 100% with you on #6 & #7. My couch gets so uncomfy, too… I really prefer to read in my bed only. I also pronounce ‘scone’ the way you do. 😛

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    1. Hee -hee 😀 This whole scone debacle made me do some research, and apparently in US people mostly say it to rhyme with “cone”, whereas in UK half the people seem to pronounce it to rhyme with “con”.
      I remember being told off sometimes for pronouncing things the US way, but damn it, it’s my second language, i’m just happy i remember one way 😀

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      1. LOL! I actually just heard on The Great British Baking Show them pronounce Scone really weird. I wouldn’t have known what the heck they were saying if it weren’t for the subtitles!

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  15. Omg I absolutely love your dream job you described. I’ve always loved the idea of a book shop/bakery but you managed to come up with ways to add onto it and make the whole thing even better! ❤
    Also, cheesecake is the best. I haven't had any in a while though so I should probably change that asap! 😛

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  16. Great post!

    That’s awesome that you read that many books already this year. I only managed to finish reading one, LoL. Although, I am about 100 pages into my new book read, Love, Simon.

    I can only read in silence, no music background noise for this gal. I could never concentrate, LoL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hihi, almost!
      I haven’t read Elevation, which came out end of last year and Gwendy’s Button Box which he wrote with some other dude. But i found that one today in the charity shop and will remedy the situation soon 😀

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