Literature® by Guillermo Stitch


Literature® by Guillermo Stitch

Genres: Sci-Fi, Dystopia
Published: 1st July, 2018
Series: N/A
Rating: 3

We don’t know exactly when Literature® takes place and we don’t know exactly where. All we know is that Philip Marlowe would fit right in.
We don’t get Marlowe though. We get Billy Stringer. And Billy is on nobody’s trail.
He’s the prey.
The day hasn’t begun very well for Billy. He just messed up his first big assignment, he’s definitely going to be late for work, his girlfriend won’t get back to him and, for reasons she has something to do with, he’s dressed like a clown.
Also, he’s pretty sure someone is going to kill him today. But then, that’s an occupational hazard, when you’re a terrorist.
He’s a bookworm too, which wouldn’t be a problem–or particularly interesting–except that in Billy’s world, fiction is banned. Reading it is what makes him an outlaw.
Why? Because people need to get to work.
It’s fight or flight time for Billy and he’s made his choice. But he has to see Jane, even if it’s for the last time–to explain it all to her, before she finds out what he has become. That means staying alive for a little while.
And the odds are against him.

Reading this story was like watching a Black Mirror episode directed by David Lynch, while getting stoned. (In case you are wondering, I love Black Mirror and also enjoy David Lynch’s stuff…)

With a touch of noir, this little story takes us on a crazy ride in a world where literature is banned. Reading a novel is a deadly offence. Why? No idea. It’s terrifying nevertheless. But sure as hell if Philip Marlow walked into one of the scenes and passed a banned book to Billy, I wouldn’t have been surprised.

Fast paced, and action packed, Literature® feels like a snippet out of a bigger story. Billy sort of comes across as a good natured idiot in the beginning, but as the stakes get higher, he steps up his game in this cat and mouse game. This old-timey sci-fi vibe is neat and all, but I need details.

I kind of feel like Jon Snow after this. I know nothing. What did I just read?

“The road is the page.”

Whoa. Told you. Trippy


    1. Good question! 😀
      Do you like weird stuff? It’s a 100 page story that has a very old school feel. Kinda reminded me of those sci fi books written in the 60s.
      If you like clear cut stories, then probably you won’t like it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I had the same feeling! I like weird stuff, but with this i was thinking i kinda understand what happened, but not why or how. The writing style is pretty good tho, if you like old school vibes.


  1. That book sounds… quite intriguing haha, I feel a bit lost after reading that synopsis and your review, a bit lost and confused but also very intrigued haha. I’m happy you enjoyed it enough to give it 3 hearts 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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