Three (Mostly Bookish) Things #Tag

Well, what is this, if not another tag? Jack thought I might have fun with this, and damn, if he wasn’t right!

Three things, mostly bookish. This way, please…

Three Read Once and Loved Authors

Richard Morgan, Celeste Ng, Fredrik Backman.


Yes, I have to sneak Beartown into as many posts as I can.

Three Titles I’ve Watched But Haven’t Read

Until recently I haven’t even realized Psycho was a book first…


Three Characters You Love

Kvothe (The Kingkiller Chronicle). He’s the ultimate wiseass.

Cormoran Strike (Cormoran Strike Series). Dry humour. Borderline wiseass.

Adrian Mole (Adrian Mole Series). Fancies himself as an intellectual. Shows signs of being a wiseass.


Three Series’ Binged

Guys, I’m a quitter…
There’s been no binging going on here for a long time. The last time I actually finished a series was years ago. Even then, binge wouldn’t have been an accurate description of me taking years for some of them. To be fair, The Dark Tower was not finished when I started it, so that’s a good enough excuse.

I took my sweet time on the Maze Runner and Uglies series too, even though at the time I read them I was pretty much into both.


The Dark Tower by Stephen King

The Maze Runner Series by James Dashner

Uglies by Scott Westerfield

Three Unpopular Bookish Opinions

E-books are real books. One might have a preference to read a book in a printed format, but I don’t think e-books are not real. It’s the same bloody thing. If this was the case, I would need to remove most of my books from my list of finished reads and declare myself nuts for reading imaginary books.

Making books into movies is a great way to destroy a perfectly good story. I much rather have them turned into series or mini series, so that there’s time to actually include all the important elements.

I don’t buy newly released books because they are expensive. I don’t buy books from bookstores, because they are cheaper on Amazon or in the charity shop. I buy the kindle books once they go on sale. Not because I don’t want to support my favourite authors, but I just simply don’t want to go broke in the process. (Cuz’ then who’s going to support me?)

Three Current Favourite Book Covers

To not make this more stressful than it needs to be, I picked three books I actually own. Otherwise I’d be sitting here for a week and not make a decision.


Three Goals for the Year

While this is a bookish blog, I sort of have goals not related to books as well. Shocking, I know. Am I even a book blogger?

#1 Learn Greek. It’s an ongoing process, but by December I’d like to reach a level where I can say something more sophisticated than “Good morning! I want cheesecake.
#2 Cook more. As much as I love PB&J toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I probably can’t live off of it permanently.#3 Read more books I already own before stocking up on new ones. It’s hard to resist a sale though…

I tag…

Inge @The Belgian Reviewer
Sara @Not Another Book Blogger
Book Beach Bunny
Sophie @Beware of the Reader


  1. I loove that cover of Six Stories too, it’s so genius to have the trees (the setting) act as soundwaves too (referring to the podcast format of the novel)! Goodluck with learning Greek, what a great goal! Thanks for the tag, I have no idea how to answer half of them but we’ll see!

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  2. Yesss! Books should never be turned into movies, because so much gets left out!! TV shows are SO much better for adaptations!
    P.S. Good luck on you Greek-learning journey! I wish I had the persistence (and time!) to learn another language, so good on you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!
      I think some languages are easier to learn. Everyone says Spanish as an example. Never tried so i have no idea.

      There should totally be a petition to have books as TV series only 😀

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  3. Sphere is an AMAZING book. I read it years ago but it’s still my favourite Michael Crichton till this day. You should definitely read it! I myself didn’t even know a movie exists until recently and haven’t watched it yet.

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  4. Awesome answers. I have Little Fires Everywhere and Beartown on my TBR. I think I need to bump them up to the top. That cover for Finch! 😍

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  5. Norrie, honey, you have to read Lord of the Rings some time! It’s such a fantastic book!

    And I feel the same way about e-books. I really need to read more of the books I already own too. Haha.

    Great post! ❤️

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  6. Oh this is such a fun post 😀 I have watched, but haven’t read The Lord of The Rings either, you’re not alone haha. I loved the movies so much though 😀 And I SO AGREE about e-books, e-books are amazing and they are real books! ❤

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    1. ❤ Yay 🙂 The Nope of the Rings club has another member!
      I might give it a try at one point, but every time i'm picking a new book, i just don't feel like this one..

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  7. I didn’t have a tag planned for today so I’m going to be doing this one after seeing you and another bloggers answers – it looks so fun.

    Also I LOVE the cover for Six Stories even though I have never had any idea what it’s about lol

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  8. I’ve not read Beartown & I’m sure I’m not the first to suggest it to you but, A Man Called Ove by the same author is just a lovely tale!
    Is Psycho the book for the Bates Motel? I had no idea it was book first either (if it is?).
    Thank you for saying that ebooks are real books. I’m so confused when people say they aren’t? Lol. I also agree with books to movies ruining it sometimes. & am def with you about not buying expensive books, I giggled a bit at “cuz then who is gonna support me?” line. Too true. 😂
    Loved this tag & your answers! So fun!


    1. Yes, the book Psycho was the base for movie Psycho which is a base for Bates Motel, as in the series is supposed to be the prequel for the film 🙂

      It’s very rare that i like a movie, let alone a movie adaptation of a book i know. 😀

      And just consider yourself tagged! This really was a fun one ❤

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  9. Good morning I want cheesecake seems like something worth knowing in every language & in Greece I’d probably want to add what way to the beach? 🙂 (With my cheesecake.) My unpopular opinion Lord of the Rings is a better movie the books took me bloody forever to read and then watching the movie was like, oh that’s what he was getting at! Great answers to all!

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    1. Ah, cheesecake on the beach! I think you just invented something. It needs to happen! 😀

      I attempted reading LoTR but i gave up. I still don’t know if it was just because of the translation, but most people seemed to love it, so i guess it’s just me. I might try it in English one day.


    1. Oo, Korean sounds super difficult. Starting with: how do you even read it? 😀 Good luck! It’s pretty cool!

      Hope you’ll love Beartown ❤


  10. Dang! I thought I had posted a comment on your post, yesterday, but, alas, it’s not here! Doh! Rereading your post again, I’ve added Crichton to my must look at authors, and I definitely must grab a copy of Bear Town in my next haul to read, as you are so enthusiastic about it. 😀

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  11. *Writes a 20 page essay on why you need to watch the LOTR films* 😛 I totally agree with you on most books being better as miniseries/series than movies, but I actually like the LOTR films better than the books. Well, at least in terms of the overall storytelling. Like, I love Tolkien, but he is a wordy mfer, and cutting down all the extra details makes the story easier to follow. And I might just steal this tag! 😀


    1. Yea, i must say the films were ok! When watching them at home… we went to see the first one in the movies. I thought i’m gonna die by the time it finally ended 😀

      Yess, please feel free to grab the tag! ❤

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  12. Great article! I had to laugh when you wrote about reading the books you own before buying more books. I am the same way, LoL. Although, recently I have been reading more of what I already own before buying new ones. So progress I guess, LoL. I actually just finished reading You, in anticipation of the Lifetime series. About half way through reading it I discover there was a sequel and that I already owned that book, LoL. I got it on sale at the bookstore at some point months earlier but didn’t realize it was the sequel. So the indecisive reader that I am, was happy I didn’t have to decide what to read next.

    I agree with you about movie adaptations. Series are way better, more time to tell the story the way is was made to be told. The Girl on The Train movie, I’ll always think of having had the potential to be a great mini-series on HBO like Big Little Lies or Sharp Objects. The movie, albeit a great cast, was just unfortunate the way it was told. Too rushed, I just didn’t like it at all. Which is annoying cause the book was one great thriller.

    I usually wait to get paperbacks vs. hard covers cause half the price, LoL. I have so many books to read anyways, that I can wait the six months for the paperback to come out.

    Just realizing I wrote kind of a lot, LoL. Well, when talking books…..

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      1. You was a really great thriller, but at the same time it was also the most twisted, insane book I’ve ever read. LoL. I’ve seen the trailers for the show and it looks so good. Can’t wait. Penn Badgley is totally perfect to play the lead role. I’m reading the sequel now.

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  13. Ebooks are definitely books too, totally agree with you. Its awesome to know that you are learning Greek. That sounds like a very complex but beautiful language 🙂 I have been trying to learn French for ages but I still know only the basics 🙂 This post has reminded me that I still need to read The Summer that Melted Everything. I agree with you though. The cover is gorgeous! Great post!

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  14. While I think being able to say “Good morning. I want cheesecake” is pretty much all a person needs to be able to say to have a fantastic day, I think it’s awesome that you’re continuing to learn Greek. 🙂
    And I agree 100%, e-books totally count as books. You’re still reading the same amount of words, AND you can take a whole library of titles with you in your bag and not be hunched over, trying to drag a bunch of books around.

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  15. I didn’t know about that Finch book by Vandermeer, but that cover sure is mesmerizing! Also a bit surprised to see Sphere on here. Did you like that movie? Hahahah I hear the cast was epic, but the movie?.. Not so much LOL

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