You Were Made for This by Michelle Sacks

A dark and harrowing tale set in the beautiful Swedish country side, You Were Made For This is a sophisticated psychological thriller that takes a sharp look at marriage, friendship and the truths of motherhood most people love to sweep under the carpet.

You Were Made for This by Michelle Sacks

Genres: Suspense, Mystery
Published: 28th June, 2018
Goodreads | Book Depository | Amazon UK
Series: N/A
Rating: 4

In an idyllic house in a Swedish wood, Merry and her husband are building their new dream life with their young baby, far away from events that overshadowed their old life in New York. And they’re happy, aren’t they? Blissfully, blissfully happy.
When Merry’s childhood friend Frances comes to stay, Frances barely recognises her old friend Merry, pureeing baby food, baking, living the Swedish dream. But little by little, cracks begin to show in her carefully constructed fairy tale. And Frances starts to see things others might miss. Dark and treacherous things.
And then a terrible tragedy unfolds…

I’m a total sucker for domestic suspense, and love digging deep under the cracks of a marriage. A frenemy, of course, is more than welcome too. The more the merrier, I say!

For a while now I’ve been thinking about becoming a stay-at-home mum, and spending my days cooking, baking and reading. The tricky part is to figure out how to pull this off without actually having children.

Merry has all the baking, fruit picking and household managing figured out. Husband happy, baby happy, what more do you need? Well, for starters maybe friends. Poor woman is stuck at home all day in the idyllic Swedish country side, in a tiny village where her only acquaintances are the family next door. Now that doesn’t sound so much fun. So Frank, her childhood friend announces her visit, Merry’s enthusiasm is totally understandable.

None of that cheerfulness lasts long however, because you need to be blind not to see that these two women just simply don’t like each other very much. I guess we all had some friends in our lives we just couldn’t let go, even though after our lives went separate ways we had nothing left in common. But any distraction could work, so Merry welcomes Frank with open arms.

Any household where things are just too much in order and everyone is all smiles at all times is a suspicious one, and good old observant Frank starts picking up some not so pleasant vibes around Merry and her husband, Sam.

As the three of them spends some more time together, it becomes blatantly obvious that they are all flawed in some ways, quite unapologetically so. Neither of them are pleasant people, and the facade they hide behind is so perfectly the opposite of who they really are, that I was instantly drawn to them. As their masks started slipping, I had a sense of foreboding, and prepared myself for the worst.

The writing is absolutely brilliant, and the lack of dialogue tags was a clever way of blurring the lines between unsaid truth and the lies covering it. Once all pretense falls away and we see their nasty side in plain view, we can rest assured: they are all assholes, who deserve each other.

A haunting story, You Were Made For This is a perfect summer read for fans of domestic suspense.

P.S. Just how fucking gorgeous that cover is?! 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley, but it did not influence my opinion.


  1. Absolutely agree! Although there were some upsetting bits, it wasn’t cringe-y like most books, was beautifully written and I loved how we sensed and discovered: 1- how her picture perfect life wasn’t really what it seemed 2- The real dynamic of friendship between the two
    SO fricking tense and good. I am with you, good domestic suspense is the best.(I am a sucker for it too)

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  2. Oh,msign me up. I love this kind of well written intrigue and watching as the masks slip. A good author is one who can capture the cracks and let us see what’s beyond!

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  3. That is a gorgeous cover! And so different from the US one! Have you seen it- with the cherries spilling out? I took a pic with cherries in a bowl. 😂 Wonderful review, Norrie! Wasn’t this one great? So true about the lack of quotation marks blurring the lines. I hadn’t thought of it that way.

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    1. I saw the cherry cover. It looks nice, but i think this one with the woman matches the story more.
      I’m curious what the author will come up next 😃 cuz this book was pretty well done.

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  4. Oh this one sounds good! I was just about to say I was a sucker for domestic thrillers when you took the words right out of my mouth 🤣 like you, I find “highly” suspicious! Wonderful review and will be adding this!

    And you can totally be a domestic diva without children 😉💖 go for it! If you bake more than you need, send it my way haha.


    1. Hahaha 😁

      I hope you will enjoy this one! I actually found it refreshing to have the husband’s pov as well and it just made it all the more shady and difficult to figure out what’s happening. They often don’t get a word in stories like this.

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  5. I am not a fan of domestic suspense (can feel oppressive) but your review on this one is stellar! I’m glad you really liked it Norrie 😉

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  6. I’m so glad to see you enjoyed this one, I bought it the other day without even knowing anything about it, the hardback was on offer and I couldn’t resist. Your review has me looking forward to reading it, I love a haunting read!

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  7. Great review, Norrie. I really like the sound of this one and do enjoy a good domestic thriller so definitely adding this one to my TBR. Really curious about the characters and their secrets.

    Now about being a stay at home mum without having the kids, um..really? haha.

    That cover is stunning!

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    1. Every now and then when i get fed up of living in a big city i think about moving to the countryside. But like Merry, i’m not sure i could actually take the isolation as well as i think i can… 😀


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