Sunday Coffee & Blog Hop #3

Morning, everyone! How’s it going? Hope you are all having a great Sunday. I’m on my second coffee already, so everything’s peachy. In spite of my increasing coffee intake I started sleeping better lately. Although there’s still one issue: the guy upstairs, to whom we will just refer as The Midnight Washer, seems to be on a fucking warpath against tranquility. That dude clearly needs a new hobby! Maybe I should lend him some books or something…

Anyway, let’s see what’s been happening on other blogs, shall we?

Have you ever wondered which stereotypical YA character you are? If the answer is yes, then lucky you! Just answer Sarah’s quiz to find out. I must say, I always thought of myself as a rebel with a heart of gold, but turns out I was wrong all along! Every sign points to me being one of those brooding people with a dark past. Go figure.

You’re a coffee-addict and believe there’s no such thing as owning too much black clothing. You never get enough sleep and some people think you’re a satanist, but that’s just another rumour that contributes to how misunderstood you are.

Enough said!

Do you ever feel like your reading time is impacted by all those reviews waiting to be written? Well, you are not alone! Pop over to Avery @Red Rocket Panda for a chat and maybe you will even find some tips to restore the balance.

Kelly started a discussion the other day about sensuality in YA books. While I think it’s an intriguing topic, I feel I should probably just shut up and let you guys talk. I was into some pretty weird shit from the ripe age of 14, when I read my first Stephen King book: Gerald’s Game. It’s written for adult, has some kinky stuff, but I was very much thrilled by it and felt like I’m actually discovering something about sex. You know, for science… That said, I don’t particularly enjoy erotica even now, and I’m pretty sure a twelve year old would not appreciate it very much either.

Book ratings are the bane of a book blogger’s existence, and Vera is no exception. How do you decide on rating? Do you give stars? Is it a simple like vs. dislike? Head over to Unfiltered Tales, and maybe we’ll figure something out.

Drew is on fire again, and as usual, brought up a topic that is bound to generate some heated discussions. Should bloggers be paid for reviews? Well, I have no idea… I’m pretty sure most of us have dreamed of a job where we get paid to sit around reading books and write reviews about them. Like, you know, at a magazine, or a newspaper or something. But to get paid to write on our hobby blogs? *shrugs*

But on the other hand, what’s next? When I go to a restaurant, do I demand to have my food for free in exchange for a review on Google? This is all very confusing!


  1. Ha ha, I discovered King when I was 14ish old as well. 😂😂 I never told my mum what I was reading and the local kind librarians always carefully curated some weird eclectic collections for me and never told on me… 😊 I enjoyed Kelly’s discussion post. Will be checking those others out too.

    And thanks for mentioning my post as well, as a chronic over thinker, I am feeling like I should do a follow up once more feedback arrives. 🙈🙈🙈😂

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    1. Ha, you had a great accomplice in the library! 😁
      I borrowed my first King book from my friend’s dad. By the time i was 16 , my mum bought them for me. She didn’t read them cuz she expected them to be too scary 😂

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      1. My dad once read King’s Misery after me telling him for years how great King was. 😂😂😂 I remember him asking me what I thought of a person with such vivid imagination of torture (my dad loves philosophy) and I said: “if a person can envisage such disturbing details, surely he or she is an excellent writer”. My dad gave me another option but it is too rude to share… 🙈🙈🙈

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  2. Maybe the guy upstairs just needs some stress relief in the night???

    Thanks for including my post though I’m not sure ‘on fire’ is an apt description for my posts! Alas, you are wrong too, the post didn’t start a heated debate as whilst there are bloggers who do think they should be paid for reviews none of them decided to comment on the post. Alas, people agreed with me, shocker, I know! And no debate was had. 😦

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  3. Ooo, new blogs to go and read. Thanks for the links to new discussions, Norrie. Something fun to do on a Sunday afternoon. As to bloggers being paid to review? Never gonna happen. I’ve been an editor for over 30 years and other than working for the big six at verious time (and even they paid a pitance) there are too many authors who think editors should either do it for free, or be paid afterwards (if at all) or, worse, think who the f@ck needs an editor? So paying a blogger for a review? 😐

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      1. You would be surprised how many times Writers asked if I would do work in hand or that they could pay when the book sold, and so many other madcap schemes. And I use to reply would they ask their doctor or dentist to do free work? Of course not. But then again, who knows.

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  4. Star ratings ARE a tricky beast. I had to sit down and take over a week to come up with my current rating system. I still read it over every other month or so just so I stick to it 🙂

    Do you have a codified rating system?

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    1. I usually use number rating 1-5, and then illustrate them with little hearts 😀 I found that for me hearts symbolise my like/dislike better than stars.
      It’s still difficult, because even if i rate two books 4, i might still like one more than the other.

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      1. Do you use the GR 5star rating, or one peculiar to you?
        I followed on person (for a bit anyway) who rated all the way down to the 1/4 star. I do half stars but even I found I couldn’t follow his logic in rating. BUT! It worked for him 😀

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  5. You found some real interesting posts here, thanks for sharing Norrie ! The star rating debate is something that comes up every few months and everyone should just do what they’re comfortable with. I love your hearts system btw and hope you don’t change it because I do look at it to know ‘exactly’ how you liked it 🙂

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  6. I started reading Stephen King at a young age to. (I also saw Pet Cemetery, Cujo and Carrie probably way too young.) It’s always fun when friends are talking about the books that shaped their childhood reading and it’s like what book do you remember most from your youth. “Oh me, that would be The Stand.” 🙂 Thanks for the round-up. Going to go take that quiz!

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    1. Yea, same!
      I read way more horror and scary stuff than i do now 😀
      Same with movies… there was a tv channel that showed horror movies every friday evening. I was obsessed with them. Looking back…well, they were crap! 😀


  7. Your upstairs neighbor definitely needs some books 🙂 Glad that you are sleeping better now. Off to read, Drew’s post. As you mentioned, that is a tricky subject. It would be nice to have a job where you just read and review books though but its a delicate balance trying to manage it all and see where to draw the line. Great post Norrie. Have a wonderful week!

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    1. I’m glad i’m getting rid of him in August 😀 He lives above my BF’s flat, and he’ll be moving in with me in August, so just need to put up with him till then. And yea, maybe throw some books at him or something.


    1. Yea it could I’d imagine. I just don’t think it’s something publisher would do since there are so many reviewers who are happy with the book itself


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