Reading Challenge 2018

I’ve never followed a particular reading challenge before, and always felt it would be too restrictive. I just wanted to read for fun, and not feel pressured into something I might not like, or end up stressing out about something I do for pleasure. Where the hell is the fun in that, right?

For the past couple of years I’d been participating in the Good Reads Reading challenge though, but without any specific theme, just by pledging a number of books to read. In 2017 I’ve read almost double of what I thought I will (and still going!), and it gave me the courage to try something different.

I felt like I always end up picking my “usual” books, and not really venturing outside of my comfort zone.

So, for 2018 I decided to go with the Popsugar reading challenge, as it seems inspiring enough, but not completely bloody oppressive or daunting.

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